Victory Park (Pokrovsky Park)

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Khotkovo, where the guests of the hotel "Zagorsk" live, is famous for its attractions. One of them, Victory Park, or Pokrovsky Park, developed on the right bank of the Pazha River, a tributary of the Vory. The small area of the town Khotkovo allows our guests to quickly get to this place, located among the picturesque nature. There are many interesting and entertaining things waiting for visitors.
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2-ya Rabochaya str., 1/1A, Hotkovo
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Victory Park was opened after reconstruction on December 5, 2015. Thanks to the original design, it has undergone significant changes.

The place for the creation of the park was not chosen by chance. In the nineteenth century, on this hill, the Cherry Hill, near the walls of the Intercession Monastery, the famous all-Russian Khotkovo (Intercession) Fair was held. The organizers of Victory Park continue this tradition nowadays.

Here are regularly held fairs, which sell various products, souvenirs, creative folk ensembles.

Colors of the fair

The total area of the landscape and historical and cultural Pokrovsky Park is about 40 thousand m2. There are walking paths and places for workshops, sports and children’s playgrounds, stages for musical groups.

The guests of this vast recreation area enjoy the increased popularity of the art-bazaar “Made in Khotkovo”. Here you can buy products of local craftsmen, souvenirs.

But that’s not all. Visitors can not only buy, but also to learn how to make some crafts themselves. Experienced craftsmen will give them a master class, teach them and help them make their own original handicrafts.

Fair sales are held to the sounds of classical and folk music. Local musicians demonstrate their high art to the assembled audience.

In the time-square of Pokrovsky Park, you can spin in a circle dance, organized by the staff of the Elizaveta Mamontova Cultural Center, to which this place of recreation and entertainment belongs.

The center received its name in honor of the wife of Savva Ivanovich Mamontov, a prominent businessman of the 19th-20th centuries, patron of arts, cultural and educated man. His wife, Elizaveta Grigorievna, also did much for the development of national culture not only in Moscow and the Moscow region, but also in Russia.

Therefore, it is not surprising that in the territory of Pokrovsky Park you can find singers and musicians, folk craftsmen, as well as artists. They can quickly create a work of any complexity: a pencil sketch or a landscape of Pokrovsky Hill, a drawing of a monastery or a full-color portrait in their pen tablets.

By the way, the signs on the benches in the park remind us of the great painters. On them you can see the names of Korovin K. A. A., Polenov V.D. and other famous Russian masters of the brush of the past. Of course, they didn’t have a chance to sit on these benches, but they visited the Mamontov family at Abramtsevo estate more than once. Their paintings show familiar local landscapes.

A special place in Pokrovsky Park is occupied by a sculptural composition dedicated to the family of St. Sergius of Radonezh, who lived here for most of their lives. Thanks to him, this region near Moscow has become famous, every year numerous pilgrims and tourists come here to worship the relics of the great wonderworker.

The sculptural group includes the figures of Father Sergius – Cyril, mother – Mary and son Bartholomew, as the worldly name of the adolescent. Their remains are buried nearby, in Khotkovo, near the walls of the Intercession Monastery.

From Cherry Mountain offers a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside, the monastery and the river. Photography lovers will love the photo session held in Victory Park.

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