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Visitors to the hotel "Zagorsk" will not be bored in their rooms during the winter. Lovers of outdoor activities can spend their free time at the ski resort Loza. It is located not somewhere in the Alps or the Pamirs, and only nineteen kilometers from Khotkovo. Its popularity is evidenced by rave reviews from guests who have already spent their holidays here. In Loza there is always a place on the ski track for "green" beginners and veteran professionals. The proximity not only to Khotkovo, but also to Moscow (73 km), attracts a large number of fans of this winter sport.
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2, Sitniki village, Sergiev Posad district, Moscow region, Russia
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tue-thu 10:00–20:00; fri, sat 10:00–21:00; sun 10:00–20:00
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The village Loza has always been famous for its athletes, who have shown good results in various major competitions. Therefore, it is not surprising that this sports base was built here, where nature itself has created the conditions for the arrangement of the ski resort. It was built in the mid-eighties.

Convenient location of trails, they pass through the northern slope, allows you to use them for a long period, from November to March. The tall forest trees surrounding the slopes keep the snow from melting until the first spring months.

The availability of modern equipment to maintain the track, qualified personnel, watching out for order and safety on the slopes, cause the reasons the popularity of this resort among fans of skiing in Moscow and Moscow region, as well as other regions.

Ski resort features

Not to be unfounded, extolling the benefits of the resort, let’s talk about the possibilities of slopes Loza:

  • Available: 4 tracks, distinguishable by color.

green. For beginners, its length is 300 m, height difference: 40 m;

twoblue, 240/400 m long respectively, the difference in elevation

two blue, 240/400 m long respectively, the difference in elevation can be up to 50 m in some sections. They are characterized

by a large width of descent, which allows them for large groups.

red, professional. The length of the track: 300 m, the drops reach 60 m.

The narrow slope of the trail is a great place to start. width, it abounds with steep turns. Suitable only for experienced skiers;

  • All tracks are perfectly illuminated at night, which allows them to be used for a long time;
  • The technique that allows you to artificially snow the slopes makes it possible to prepare them for skiing in the fall, when it thaws;
  • special equipment, snowcat, regularly prepares the slopes as needed;
  • availability of single and double rope tow elevators allows you to comfortably transport athletes to the place of descent;
  • trails, closed on all sides of the forest, can be used comfortably in windy and frosty weather;
  • experienced in-house instructors are constantly on duty on the tracks, ready to help at any time.

Guests of the resort do not need to worry about sports equipment, bring it from home. Skis, snowboards and other downhill equipment are available at the local rental shop.

Beginners can get their first downhill lessons from experienced instructors.

For the convenience of tourists near the trails are: cafe and barbecue area, toilets and medical point. Those who come here by car in Loza always find a place to park.

Not all ski resorts in our country can boast such advantages. Therefore, the slopes of Loza are always filled with supporters of active recreation. Constant availability of snow on the slopes in all weathers, quality service, good sports equipment – these are the reasons why many people choose to ski from the slopes at the ski resort Loza.

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